…Jordan Bunniie


Photographer: Barry Druxman

Hair and makeup: Eugene Conde

Hi! How are you?

I’m good. Today I feel like a ball of energy. >.<

Can you introduce yourself to TICW readers?

Hey! :) I’m Bunniie. I’m a full time travel model and actress and nerd based out of Palm Springs, Ca.

Do you think your hometown is a suitable place for creatives like you?

Eh. I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga.. its kind of a spoiled town. I personally don’t think its a good place at all for creatives, its pretty stale. Not much to do. My current city, Palm Springs, on the other hand has a small but strong art community, with the Mccallum Theatre and small film community,  art shows and fairs going on often, plenty of classes available and the Palm Springs photo festival every April. 


Photographer: D-Stoke

Did you study in any art school?

I took art classes all through school. General art, photography and focused a lot on Dance and Drama classes. I’ve always been interested in creative expression.

When and how did you get passionate with modeling?

I started out with Acting. Since I was a kid being in front of the camera has felt natural. In some ways I feel more comfortable and natural when there’s a camera pointed at me. I’ve stepped in front of the camera a few times off and on when I was 18-19 then at 20 I started to get serious, about a year ago it turned into a full time job, taking me all over the country!


Photographer: Issac Suttell

Designer: Bubbles and Frown

What would you suggest to who want to be a model like you?

Have fun, stay focused on your goals and don’t let anyone push you to do things you’re not willing or ready to do. Shoot what you enjoy, shoot what you’re good at, shoot as often as possible and with the best people you can. Even if its just a hobby for you, act professionally.

What role has the Internet in your daily life?

Without the internet, my career would be a lot different, Chances are besides a few art classes I wouldn’t be modeling at all. Most of my off time is spent on various networking sites getting my name out, answering emails and booking work. (okay, and random goofing off, I have the attention span of well, a bunny, at times. ;))

What are you working on these days?

This year I am focusing a lot more on traveling, I’ll be doing some more fetish work, I’ve got a few video projects in the works and of course a lot more traveling. 


Photographer: ST Arts

What about your plans for the future?

Simply to keep traveling, performing and making art. Eventually, I’d like to get behind the camera and actually *make* movies. 

Thank you! Is there anything else would you like to say to our readers?








Wednesday Mar 13 6pm  

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