…Danailya Reese

Photographer: Dukkha Photo, MUA: Jenn Vautour

Hi! How are you?

I’m great thanks for asking!

Can you introduce yourself to TICW readers?

Well my name is Danailya Reese, I’m a model, writer and general oddball.

Do you think your hometown is a suitable place for creatives like you?

I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I’d have to say no. I’ve been here for all my life and I can say its not an arts based city. Granted some art types yes, like oil on canvas, ballet etc. But not really for photography/modeling. There’s a blossoming community but its kinda isolated from the rest of the arts community. We’ve had art spaces closed down due to lack of government funding etc, it’s kinda shitty actually.

Photographer: Lady Luck Studios

Did you study in any art school?

Not formally no, I’m currently taking my bachelor of arts at Grant MacEwan University, but I am pursuing that for my English major for journalism.

When and how did you get passionate with photography?

I’ve been into photography for about 10 years, modeling for about 4 ½ years. I got into photography when I was a kid and we lived on a farm and used to go on family vacations, I just used to snap 100s of photos. I used to spend my chore money on rolls of film it was great. I still have a bunch of old photos in albums at home.

Modeling I got into briefly when I was 14, as a confidence booster and got really screwed by an agency, then I stopped till I was 18. I got back into when I had my daughter, I needed again a confidence booster. And I’ve been going hard ever since.   

Bob Edwards

What are your main visual influences?

I love comic books, paintings and high fashion photography and modeling. I love anything black and white. I am also an architecture buff, so I adore photos and paintings of skylines and any landmarks, cheesy I know, but its just so beautiful to me.

What role has the Internet in your daily life?

I am on the internet everyday. Its my source of communication for getting jobs, talking to other colleagues and friends. I use it to keep up to date on news and such as well. I am also a university student so the internet is vital for school etc.

What are you working on these days?

I am currently working on my education, some modeling concepts and pursuing my journalism career. I am taking more writing jobs, doing interviews and book reviews etc. I am trying to get myself published as much as I can.

What about your plans for the future?

I plan to travel. I also plan to publish my manuscripts. I have 2 science fiction romance novels in the works. One day I will see them in print. 







Saturday Feb 2 6pm  

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