…Balázs Kovács


Hello! How are you? 

Thank you, I’m fine.  It’s a very good day, as always.

Can you introduce yourself to TICW readers?

Yes, I can. My name is Balázs Kovács (in English Blase Smith). I‘m 19y old. I live in Slovakia in a small village, called Strekov. It’s a great place (In the followings I’ll describe it). I studied  graphic designs at college (2008-2012).  Now I‘m working.  If I have time I go to hiking or biking, playing on my guitar, writing or painting. I always listen music. I think it is my best part of my life.. .

I have lots of friend…and  I can talk a lot! I‘m having fun with them, drink wine and talk throught the night. My life is so great ;)   I love it!

Hehe, sounds great! Do you think your hometown is a suitable place for creatives like you?

I love my homeland/hometown. It’s a great palace!  There are many things to see, as forests, meadows, fields, hills, plains, rivers and lakes. There are many spiritual places, too.  Many things happened around here, recently. For example, my country was occupied by Ottomans,  later by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and  the I. and II. World War, The Velvet Revolution,  ect-  these are the most defining events for  the people who live here - and so are in my life.


When and how did you get passionate with photography?

My family won a compact camera by a lottery ticket in 2005. My brother had got it first. But he had no time to take pictures so I‘ve started to use it. At the beginnings I shooted everything and I tried to catch every moment of my life.

What do you like most about photography?
I like the nature most. (as you can see on my photos) …I like that I can meet new people and get more friends thereby.  I love to innovate and try new things.

What has been your most memorable photo shoot?
I went with a friend to see a monastery what was built in 1520ish, it has no roof and ruined walls.It was so exciting to go in and see the whole building. I was shooting from 9 metre high and really enjoyed it. I have more memorable shoots, but I think this is the best. 


I see. What are you influenced by? Any favourite artists?

I have no idols or favourite photographers, I’m just using my feelings and instincts. Though I follow the work of young artists in this area, not only the photos or paintings, but in every kind of arts.

What do your parents think about your passion?

My parents support me, they are happy that I have a nice hobby.

What are you working on these days?

At weekdays I work in the village office. When I finish there, I immidiately do something new (with my hobby) or just help around the house. Most of the time I spend the weekend with my family, or just go hiking, biking…etc. 


What about your plans for the future?

I have no plans yet, but I always want to live to my hobby. I would like to travel around the World and see many beautiful places. 

Thank you, the interview is over :-)

Thank you!




Tuesday Jan 1 1pm  

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